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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Sensitive Item Guide

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Hot Sun

If you've been following our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Guide, or our Bed Bug Treatment Departure and Re-entry procedures, great. Otherwise, read them as well. It's important to have all of the information prior to your bed bug treatment.

This list is specific to a bed bug heat treatment. However, you can follow these same steps for a do-it-yourself approach or for a chemical treatment if you want to take extra proactive steps.

There are certain items that we want to be cautious about in this article. If you have a piano, or other musical instrument that cannot be removed during the treatment, please speak directly with your pest control professional and/or product specialist. The same goes for expensive and/or rare art. In all cases, we recommend that these items be removed from the home during a heat treatment. However, the best advise you will receive is from the industry expert, such as an Art Professional. 

This purpose of this guide is to help you decide what to do with items that are in your home, but need to be removed due to sensitivity to a bed bug heat treatment. Some of these items may include heat sensitive materials that have been stored in your bedroom closets, bathroom, or other areas close to the infested zone. 


If you have any item that falls into the this category, you can place these items into a plastic bin, with a seal tight lid. Once you have placed all the items into the bin, you can purchase a Nuvan strip, and place that nuvan strip into the bin. Take the bin and store it in your garage or other area outside of the treatment zone. Leave them in the bin for at least 2 weeks.


These items are very sensitive to heat exposure. However, your audio, video or vinyl records could have been stored in a bed bug infested zone. These need to be removed from the treatment area, however you do not want to risk taking bed bugs with those items. 

Wrap the vinyl records in clear plastic. You are going to seal the wrapped up records, but before doing so, place a nuvan strip into the packaging. Leave the vinyl records in a climate-safe area for at least two weeks.

You can place your audio or video tapes into a plastic bin, and place a nuvan strip into the bin. Keep the bin in a climate-safe zone for at least 2 weeks.


If you have a large fish tank, it may be impossible to move. During the treatment, you will need to turn off your filter, and cover the tank with a pre-treated (dried in the dryer for 60 minutes) blanket. Be sure this blanket is thick, as you need as much insulation as possible. Leave the tank full, do not remove any water. Caution: consult with your local fish professional regarding disconnecting the filter, as it may be disconnected for up to 8 hours.


Electronics are generally safe from heat treatment. Therefore leave them in the home during treatment, as they may have bed bugs on them. Laptops are specifically subject to bed bugs, since many people use them in their beds. However, these items must be turned off, and unplugged during the treatment. 

Please place your laptop in a dresser drawer, and make sure that the pest control professional is aware of all of your technology and where you have placed them.

Do not unplug your fridge or freezer during this process


Ikea furniture tends to be held together by glue. When these pieces of furniture are exposed to extreme heat for a length of time, they can fail, and eventually collapse. Please identify all such furniture in your home, and inspect the structure of the furniture. If the furniture is held together by glue, please let your pest control professional know. You may need to keep these furniture items in the house, since they may have bed bugs in them. Please just do not place heavy items on such furniture, as this increases the chance of failure.


We understand that it difficult to go the day without your phone. If at all possible leave these electronics behind, especially if you use them in your bed. However, if you have a case on your phone, or tablet, please remove the case, and leave it in the home for the day.


If you are heading out to work that day, and need to take your laptop with you, please leave your laptop bag in the home. If you use your laptop in your bed or resting area, and keep your laptop bag in the same general area, there is a good chance it could have bed bugs. Better be safe than sorry.


If you have any artwork whatsoever, you should seek professional assistance. However, your artwork may have bed bugs. so a cautious approach to your artwork is prudent. Bed bugs can be found under the canvas, or between the frame and canvas. Therefore, they are very hard to see. Speak to your art professional, and discuss the option of sealing your artwork and placing a Nuvan Strip inside. 


During a heat treatment, there is a good possibility that a guitar neck may warp, or drum shells may warp. There are a number of possibilities, and there is a possibility that bed bugs are in your instrument, especially if you keep your instrument in your room. It is very important that you take extra precaution when bringing these instruments out of your house. Inspect the entire instrument. You may be able to place a Nuvan Strip inside the case to help your situation. However, you need to leave that case sealed, tight, for up to 2 weeks.

If you have a piano, please speak with your pest control and music professional. 

That's it, we're done
 The purpose of this guide is to make sure you do not re-introduce bed bugs into your home after the treatment. Please keep in mind, that any items you must remove from your home may have bed bugs. Pay special attention to these items. 

Please leave a comment and add any items to the list that you have had experience with. The more information we can share, the better.
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