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Bed Bug Treatment Departure and Re-entry Guide

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bed bug heat treatment re-entry steps

Successful treatment of your bed bugs is a pest control company's number one priority. They are going to come into your home and kill all of your bed bugs. However, it is extremely important that you do not re-introduce bed bugs into your home upon your return.

If you have bed bugs, there is a good chance you will bring them with you as you leave your home the day of the treatment. Following these steps will ensure you leave your home in the morning and return, bed bug free.

Note: If you are having a heat treatment, please ensure that you: Follow all instructions in the bed bug heat treatment preparation guide.


If you have pets, give them a vigorous brushing before you leave with them (bed bugs do not live on animals, but they can be carried on them). 

Wear clothes that have come straight from the dryer (to reduce the likelihood of leaving home with bedbugs or their eggs on your clothes). It is critical that you put your clothes on immediately out of the dryer, and be sure this is the last thing you do before leaving. If you bring bed bugs with you, you will re-introduce them into your house when you re-enter, and your problem will not be resolved.

Leave backpacks, luggage, shoulder bags, purses etc. in the home so they will be treated. If you need to bring a purse/bag with you, make sure you remove the majority of the items in the home, and place your bag/purse in the dryer on high heat for 60 minutes before you leave.

Carefully inspect any item you need to bring with you during the day. Take as little as possible. If you have children, it is best to leave the stroller in the treatment zone for the day. If this is not possible, the stroller material must be placed in the dryer for 60 minutes on high heat. The rest of the stroller must be examined carefully before you leave for the day.

Carry with you all that you need for the day (meds., credit cards, I.D., keys, etc.), but check them carefully before leaving.  

If your pet(s) has a garage, barn or outdoor sleeping area, be sure to dry all bedding (on high heat) and/or dispose of straw.

It is very likely your car is infested with bed bugs as well. If at all possible, it is best to have your car treated for bed bugs as well. Your pest control company should be able to provide you with this service.

If you are having your car treated, then you will need to wait outside of your home until your car is successfully treated. Or better yet arrange  to have someone pick you up for the day. 

For additional precaution, we suggest you bring an extra pair of pre-dried clothes with you. Place these clothes in a plastic garbage bag. When you return to your home, remove the clean clothes from your garbage bag, and carefully undress over top of the garbage bag, ensuring all clothing falls directly into the garbage bag. Seal the garbage bag, and put your clean clothes on. Take the garbage bag straight to the laundry room, and dry the clothes for 60 minutes on high heat.

We cannot reiterate enough how critical it is that you DO NOT LEAVE with bed bugs the morning of your treatment. 


Re-brush your pet(s) before entering your dwelling upon return home.

If you live in an apartment building, and you have friends in the building that also have bed bugs, you cannot stay with them during the treatment. We suggest that you carefully consider visiting their apartment unit if they have bed bugs. You will re-infest your apartment, and your problem will never go away.

If you followed the departure procedures, you don't have a lot to be concerned with. Be mindful of all items you are bringing back into your home. You may have removed a number of items from the home in preparation for a heat treatment. If this is the case, carefully inspect each item upon re-entry. This is one of the major causes for bed bug re-infestation. 

In the event you removed items from the home in order to meet the preparation requirements, and they were in the bed bug infestation area (such as your bedroom), these items require special removal and re-entry. Please see our Bed Bug Treatment Preparation of Sensitive Items Guide. We discuss some great steps you can take to ensure these items come back into your home, free from bed bugs.

We cannot reiterate enough how critical it is that you DO NOT BRING bed bugs back in with you. 

Please add to this list in your comments. Is there anything I missed here? Your feedback is very important. The better we make this list, the more successful everyone's treatment will be.


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Green Heat Toronto Exterminators Bed Bug Blogs are written from a non-biased perspective, and are intended to give you accurate, current and relevant information helping raise bed bug awareness.


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