Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who’s at Risk - Am I at Risk for Bed Bugs?

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Have you ever…

·         Stayed in a Hotel or Motel?

·         Flown on an airplane?

·         Had a child in school, camp or daycare?

·         Been to a friend’s home for dinner?

·         Had a guest spend the night?

Shopped at a second hand or thrift store?

·         Rode in a Taxi, bus or subway?

·         Been to a movie theater?

·         Had new furniture delivered?

·         Stored belongings in a storage facility?

·         Been out to dinner?

·         Had a child in college?

·         Gone to work?

·         Hosted a slumber party?

·         Had a friend over?

·         Visited a convalescent home, rehab center or shelter?

·         Bought at a garage sale?

·         Had a serviceman visit your home?

·         Rented furniture?

Yes, if you are human and have blood - you are at risk for having a bed bug problem.

Bottom line: ANYONE can get bed bugs at any given time.

Bed bugs have no preference as to their victims and don’t care if you are rich or poor.

Some vocations are at more risk than others and included Firefighters, EMT’s, Police, social workers, maintenance workers, utility people and others who enter people’s homes for a living. A simple conversation on an infested couch or chair can lead to a hitchhiker traveling right along with you, infesting your vehicle, the next person’s home you visit or one of these workers can inadvertently bring a bed bug to your home from somewhere else.

Learn all about bed bugs, what to do if you get them, what NOT TO DO and more!

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Green Heat Toronto Exterminators Bed Bug Blogs are written from a non-biased perspective, and are intended to give you accurate, current and relevant information helping raise bed bug awareness.


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